Following its nomination for Club of the Year 2017 at the recent Bradford Sports Awards the diving the club has gone from strength to strength by undertaking its continued investment programme to modernise its diving pool and make significant improvements to the clubs equipment and apparatus.

Last year the club benefited from the acquisition of new dry-side apparatus including trampolines, crash-mats and an air-flow gymnasium runway.

During the first half of 2018 the club underwent a rebrand, revealing its new club logos and making modifications to the diving pool arena in time for hosting its annual Shipley Novices Competition which welcomed over 15 clubs and 120 divers from around the UK.

Professional exhibition and events designers were brought in to modify the dive pool and spectator areas and were set the brief to establish a dedicated diving arena that the club and its divers can be proud to call its home.

Chair David Shepherd says “This is just the start of things to come. Over the past few years the club and members have worked tirelessly to make sure the club is on a sound financial-footing. We decided it’s now time to spend some of that money and give our quality young divers the resources they need to succeed at major tournaments.”

The club has continued to invest in its facilities and equipment with the installation of a new Video Replay System at Shipley to enable divers to analyse their performances on pool side during training sessions.

Next week the club starts its search for a new Diving Development Officer following Coach Joe Meszaros departure to become Head Coach at Leeds. Shepherd says “We want the next coach to know they’re coming to a good club with ambition and the right kind of facilities. We’ve put a few investments on hold because we want the new Coach to shape those decisions and put their mark on the club early.”

“Bradford is the fifth largest city in the UK and Europe’s youngest city with one in four people under the age of 16. “The city needs top quality diving facilities to encourage those youngsters who want to take up the sport. We might not have a 10m platform but in terms of medal returns and facilities we are probably the best 5m club in the country.”

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