Divers are invited to join City of Bradford Esprit diving squads because their potential has been recognised from within the Bradford Aquatics Learn to Dive Programme. Whilst our squads cater for all levels of diving it is important that the correct level of training is available for all divers, to enable them to continue their diving career for as long as possible.

Junior Elite 

This is the most senior squad in the City of Bradford Esprit club These are some of the best divers in the country competing in top level national and international tournaments. This squad is by invitation only if the diver has gained the required scores. Divers are continually tested to remain on the squad and are expected to be committed to an extensive training programme set by their coach whilst maintaining their fitness levels.

Age Group 

Age Group divers are selected entirely at the discretion of the Head Coach. Divers must exceed a minimum degree of difficulty requirement which is set by the national standards. More complex dives have to be performed from the 1 metre and 3 metre springboards or platforms (5m, 7.5m or 10m depending on age). Training is more intense with extra dry land and conditioning work. Divers in this squad compete regularly in national tournaments and must be able to competently perform a list of competitive dives.

Age Development 

This squad trains either two or three times a week depending on the divers individual goals and competitions the diver wishes to compete in. Divers in this squad have the flexibility to set their own goals depending on their personal targets. Divers in this squad should be committed to learning a set of dives from both the 1m and 3m boards in each of the 5 directions.

Skills Development 

This category of diving and the necessary training is fairly relaxed. Competitions are available for divers aged 5 to 18 years, with divers able to compete in team and individual events.

Junior Development

This squad is where most of our divers will start their training learning the basic dives. Much of the emphasis is on introducing the divers to new skills, improving their confidence in the water ensuring they have lots of fun whilst learning the basics.