The Club

The City of Bradford Esprit (COBE) Diving Club is an amateur sports club that teaches local children to become springboard and platform divers.

We are a very positive club with a track record of developing top-quality divers. We are one of the UK’s most established diving teams and consistently one of the country’s highest performing 5m diving clubs.

We operate out of Shipley Pool with other training facilities across Bradford. Our club conducts coaching and competition for springboard and highboard diving to all levels of ability from Novice to International. We have a range of different squads which ensures every diver reaches their full potential.

Our History

City of Bradford Esprit Diving Club was founded in 1985 and was known formerly as the Bradford School of Diving.

We are supported by Bradford City Council providing a seamless route for divers who wish to continue the sport after participating in Bradford Aquatics recreational diving schemes.

Due to the rising popularity of the sport, the club is thriving and has a growing number of dedicated recreational and elite divers who are participating successfully in national and international tournaments.

Our divers, coaches and parents pride themselves on creating a fun environment where children can train hard, reach their potential and experience being part of a dedicated, disciplined and extremely welcoming environment. This year we were highly commended by Bradford Council at the Bradford Sports Awards.